IRS Wage Garnishment

The IRS Sent Me a Notice of Wage Garnishment

The IRS has a lot of power over your life. They not only can freeze your bank accounts—that’s right—but they can seize all the money in your bank accounts too. They can garnish your wages. They can legally take as much as 75% of your net pay check. Can you live on 25% of your net pay? The IRS thinks and expects you can! Besides slapping Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments on you, they can put a lien on your house, making it nearly impossible to borrow against it to pay the IRS off. And if you sell your house the IRS gets their money first from any equity there is. Federal Tax Liens prevent you from borrowing any money—except for those high-charging money stores located in mini-malls. An IRS lien makes it harder to rent an apartment, get a car, obtain any kind of credit; An IRS Lien can even jeopardize your job! And believe it or not, the IRS has the authority to show up and knock on your door! Make no mistake—the IRS is the most brutal collection agency on the planet.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Get My Life Back?

Yes there is! You can get your life back. First you have to decide that you want your life back. You have to decide that you aren’t going to take this anymore and that you want to fix it. Once you make the decision that you want help, and you no longer want to live in fear, or hide from those dreaded IRS notices, phone calls and visits—you will have taken the biggest step in getting your life back on track. Don’t let the IRS bully you into hiding under a rock, in the closet, or under your blankets. There are many options and ways to get your life back—and even better yet, there’s a way to protect your savings and your paycheck, a way for you to keep your car!