Payroll Tax Problems

Small Business Owners: Do You Have Payroll Tax Problems?

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It’s hard being a small business owner today, trying to pay your employees their paychecks every week, and pay the IRS all those payroll taxes! A lot of times when money is short, you pay the employees first. It’s a natural thing to do—you need to take care of your employees, even if you have to skip paying yourself! Besides if you don’t pay them, they’ll quit and you will have to hire new people all the time. And who has the desire or time to do that?

If you owe Payroll Taxes, you are in danger of losing your business…….

They IRS Will Collect— Or They Will Shut You Down

It’s as simple as that. The IRS is the most brutal collection agency on the planet. They have more authority than the President of the United States! And they have all the ways and means to do whatever it takes to collect what’s owed to them. You didn’t wake up in the morning, go to work, and say to yourself, I’m not paying my payroll taxes because you didn’t want to. The money simply wasn’t there. It’s not your fault. One week you’re short of cash. It was a slow week, a customer’s check bounced, or any number of legitimate reasons that just prevent you from paying the IRS. You’re a good person. You figure you will make it up the next week. But then next week comes and goes, and you realize you still don’t have enough money to make that payroll tax deposit. And then the entire situation starts “snow-balling” into an avalanche.

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