Tax Resolution Process Phase Two

Tax Resolution Phase Two – Compliance

We need to bring you to compliance before we can work your case. We know you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of completing years of tax returns; this is why we will schedule time with you to conduct an in-depth interview and go through the financial information together. If you have multiple years of unfiled tax returns, we set and schedule and “stagger” them to complete them one or two at a time.

Even if you have no records, we can still file tax returns for you.

In many instances the IRS will file a Substitute for Return to get your attention. Generally the amount of tax, penalty and interest due on SFR is MUCH greater than if you filed your own tax return. The good news is that we can replace an SFR any time just by filing the an original tax return for you. This process alone has the potential of greatly reducing what the IRS is claiming you owe.

We will provide you with tax organizers to complete with your tax information for each unfiled year. Some clients will feel overwhelmed at the thought of completing years of organizers. For this reason, we will schedule time when we can conduct an in-depth interview with you and go through one or two at together. We will then stagger the delivery of the requested completion of the Organizers in small pieces. We will give you the support to help you complete this phase successfully.

With you in compliance, we will be ready for Phase Three: Resolution